Wi-fi greyed out – iPhone 4S iOS7

Hey guys..
Today I’ll talk about a big problem.
This is a sad thing that I discovered some days ago.
Some iPhone 4S users were using their phones normally when suddenly the wifi stopped, the icon had turned into dark grey and it never worked again.

The worst part of it is that this is an old problem, and since it started the only response that Apple published was “upgrade your phone or contact our support”.

See the original: http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1559

Really? This is your best?
I don’t think so.

The more I tried to find out, more people with the same problem I find, and more concerned I became, because I do have an iPhone 4S, but thanks God mine is working well.
But, how long?

I found a petition, and started to publish it in many discussion foruns, where were subjects refering to the wifi issue. Just the Apple discussion forum blocked my comment, because their policy doesn’t allow links to petitions. From this came my great idea to create a new post in my blog and divulge the petition.

So this the petition link:

Is really easy to sign and really fast, you don’t need to create an account.
Is really important to sign this, because even you don’t have this problem, you help people to show to the big companies that they can’t treat people as garbage.

If I’m not wrong, the great iPhone 5 recall (power button replacement) was started with a petition in this same site (change.org). It just prove that our voice has some value, when we shout loud together.

I really hope you sign this.
See you..


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